"Just What IS an APOSTLE?"

Chapter 12


The subject of apostleship is probably the most important subject there is for the people of God at the end time. The Truth, and the training that flows from it, seems to be the dividing line between those who will be ready for the Kingdom of God, and those who will not.

Getting the “Big Picture”:

For us to really “get it,” we should place the subject of apostleship into its bigger, God-focused, overall context:

In the account of the two trees, Satan did not say, “follow me” – he said you decide for yourself – right from wrong.” This is the basis of Laodicea’s blindness. They refuse to go to the source of Truth: The Waters of Siloam (which means sent – or apostle) that God originally used to wash away their blindness. They now claim they have the right to interpret scripture – that God has revealed “truth” to them – that they are “rich and increased” spiritually. But they blindly ignore the fruit of this “truth.”

The fruit from the tree they have chosen is chaos and disunity! Their “way” is plainly not God’s Way. It is their own way, which is also Satan’s way. “The people” have decided for themselves and God says that the only way He can make them ready for His Kingdom is to have their “own way” purged by being “tried in the fire, that thou mayest be rich”(Rev 3:18).

Humility and Prayer:

All of us, including me, have had to come to the understanding within this booklet over a period of time. None of us are “there” yet – and we may never be in this life – as “The Way” taught by God is Spiritual. We most certainly did not have the subject in clear focus when we first perceived the apostasy that attempted to take over the Church. Should someone try to give the impression that they did, be instantly suspicious that they have probably not even begun to understand this life of constant repentance. They may well have merely chosen their own self-justifying “check list.”

The important thing is that we all repent and turn fully and continuously again to “The Way” of God – keeping close to Him through heartfelt study, meditation, fasting and prayer. “That Way” is the Way we learned via the apostle sent to us, with all its spiritual implications. Our loving God has even provided us both with examples and the means to do so, through material from the “trial run” of the 70s and 80s.

This material came from the hands and voice of Mr Armstrong. It is interesting that we are told of the Temple construction: “The hands of Zerubbabel have laid the foundation of this house; his hands shall also finish it; and thou shalt know that the LORD of hosts hath SENT [the meaning of apostle] me unto you.” (Zech 4:9). The direction and “Way” required for the Spiritual Temple to which Christ is to return – the purpose of the end-time apostle – is still available across the Internet and in CD, tape, book, booklet and article form. His hands – that originally typed those words – may, in this way, yet finish the work God gave him, even after his death! Just as we saw how technology seemed to develop so that the Work could be done in the past, likewise today the same also seems to be the case with the progressive rise of the Internet and CDRom!

The Choice Is Ours:

Christ now stands at the door of the corporate Churches – knocking. Are we personally going to respond – and “hold fast that which we had” – getting back “on Track” as previously taught?

Apostleship is a vital subject. It is absolutely crucial for this pivotal time in history. It lies at the heart and core of how God has decreed each one of us today must learn the very “Way” of His Own Divine Nature – His Character. May God help us all to understand! May God help us all to truly “get it!” May God help us all to get “Back on Track!” There may be very little time in which to do so.